How Congress could apply the DMAIC methodology to address Gun Shootings

DMAIC is a six sigma methodology used to improve processes and drive change. It stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Here's how Congress could use this methodology to address gun shootings and issues in America:


  1. Define: The first step in DMAIC is to define the problem. Congress should define the issue of gun shootings and identify the root causes of the problem. They should also establish a goal for improvement, such as reducing the number of gun shootings or improving background checks for purchasing guns.
  2. Measure: The next step is to measure the current state of the problem. Congress should gather data on gun shootings and gun ownership in the country. They should also measure the effectiveness of current gun laws and identify any gaps or weaknesses.
  3. Analyze: The third step is to analyze the data to identify the root causes of the problem. Congress should use tools such as process maps, fishbone diagrams, and statistical analysis to identify the factors that contribute to gun shootings. They should also identify any obstacles or barriers to implementing new policies or laws.
  4. Improve: The fourth step is to develop and implement solutions to address the root causes of the problem. Congress should brainstorm potential solutions and prioritize them based on their impact, feasibility, and cost. They should also develop an action plan to implement the solutions.
  5. Control: The final step is to monitor and control the new processes to ensure that they are effective and sustainable. Congress should establish metrics to measure the success of the new policies or laws and regularly review and adjust them as needed.


In summary, Congress should use the DMAIC methodology to define the problem of gun shootings, measure the current state, analyze the root causes, develop and implement solutions, and monitor and control the new processes to drive change and improve gun safety in America.


What do you think America ?


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