I personally want you to know about an important online event Tuesday 3/14/2023


I wanted you to know about this important event involving a unique company named American Stories. There is a famous business celebrity involved who describes this company and the impact it is about to make. Just take a minute or so to learn about this by going to learn.amerianstories.tv. Register to attend the event by clicking on the blue Register Your Spot Now button.

Join Kevin Harrington of the original Shark Tank and inventor of the infomercial and Bob Cefail President of ASE as they discuss new shows Beyond the Close and Boom America hosted by Kevin Harrington. Also, Bob will reveal Huge News press release about Surviving Mann hosted by Navy Seal Don Mann and former MMA Randy Couture. Click link to see press release Pursuit Channel Welcomes Surviving Mann TV | Outdoor Wire (theoutdoorwire.com)
American Stories Entertainment has partnered with Pursuit Channel to air Surviving Mann 30 minutes prior to the popular Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild program along with others on the long impressive list of programs.

Also, American Stories Entertainment is completing a series B fundraising round on PicMiicrowdfunding.com just click on the link and scroll down to American Stories Entertainment, Inc. Minimum investment is $500.00 @ $2.00 per share. Act fast due American Stories is going public on the OTCQB market around April 1, 2023. When that happens they will start a new Regulation A+ fundraising at $15M maximum raise @ $2.50 a share.

I am sending you this because it is something that is important to me.


Robert Kyle Martin


Thanks for helping,

Robert Cefail


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