The Sheriff Lamb Patriot Digital Collectible Has DOUBLED in value–don’t miss out!

About Celebrium:

Founded in 2017 and initially launched in 2018, Celebrium® is the world’s first authentic digital celebrity collectible that is authorized by the celebrities themselves.

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Sheriff Mark Lamb NFT
      Only 30 Sheriff Lamb Collectibles Left!       

A “challenge coin” is something that someone in the military or law enforcement would provide to another who has done something special or unique. We are making available one Sheriff Lamb (star of “PD Live”, “60 Days In” and Surviving Mann) challenge coin for each person that purchase 10 Sheriff Lamb NFTs (cost of each NFT runs about $50). By getting ten Sheriff Lamb Digital Collectibles you sell off one at a time as the price goes up. There are only 30 Lamb digital collectibles left. Don't miss out on getting the sought after Lamb collectible and one of the limited addition challenge coins. We believe that the physical challenge coins will go up in value as the NFTs go up in value. The NFTs have risen in value by over 200% in the first 4 weeks.

Sheriff Lamb knows greatness. A frequent law enforcement expert guest on Fox and OAN, a participant in A&E’s Live PD documentary series, and co-founder of Protect America Now, Sheriff Lamb helps educate Americans on what sheriffs and police do to help protect our Constitution.

When you purchase 10 Sheriff Mark Lamb NFTs you will receive the physical challenge coin. In law enforcement and military service, challenge coins go to those who represent something great – something bigger than themselves. Surviving Mann can be seen on the American Stories Network online or on the American Stories app on your favorite device.

The Celebrium Genesis Collection NFTs are easy to purchase. You can pay using a credit card. It takes about 60 seconds and BAM your very own NFT is purchased and an NFT Wallet is created for you at payments.nftpay. If you have a Coinbase Wallet you can transfer your NFTs from payments.nftpay to your Coinbase Wallet. If you want to sell them you can sell them at Opensea or Rarible. Celebrium recommends you open a Coinbase Wallet account because transactions will run on Polygon (MATIC) a blockchain network that runs along side and connects to the Ethereum network. It uses the security, functionality and programming language of the Ethereum network. But, since it runs along side and not within, it doesn’t suffer the same network congestion, resource strain, operating cost, or environmental impact of Ethereum transactions.

NFTs or (Non-fungible tokens) are the fasted growing digital asset today and are tracked by blockchain technology to prevent fraud and validate ownership. The Celebrium Genesis Collection is available to the public and these collectibles are being promoted worldwide which will cause their value to skyrocket. Celebrium Genesis Collection Celebrities Kevin Harrington, Don Mann, Dr. Jenn, Jessee Chinchar, Sheriff Mann, and Dave Harrington are associated with American Stories Entertainment. Their shows are being promoted in Cannes, France International Films to companies like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, etc. If their shows broadcast rights are sold then their NFTs will skyrocket. Get in on the ground floor NOW! 

More Deals on the Way, Good Luck and Happy Shopping !

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