Welcome to My 1st Quarter 2020 Dividend Report. This Report is dedicated to tracking my quarterly dividend income. Many of you already know I love Growth and Income stocks as a great way to beat inflation while companies pay you to wait while they execute there growth plans. My Goal is to average $5,000/month or $15,000/quarter in dividend income.

1st Quarter 2020 Dividend Income

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Money Sense With Kyle Quarterly Dividend Income By Year

My dividend income is devised of investments in Altria (MO) in the Tobacco Industry and Blackstone Group (BX) in the Asset Management Industry. Blackstone Group current stock price $52.24 and dividend yield 4.51 % (.61/share $2.44/year) pays a fluctuating dividend based on company results. Altria’s current stock price $39.25 and dividend yield 8.30 % (.84/share $3.36/year) pays a consistent dividend and has raised the dividend 54 times the past 50 years.

1st Quarter 2020 Blackstone Group paid .39/share or $2,364.65 vs .61/share $3,698.56 the 4th Quarter 2019 based on 6,063.205 shares owned. Blackstone Group Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Blackstone’s first-quarter financial results reflect the unprecedented market and global economic conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the extremely challenging environment, we continued to generate significant cash flow for our shareholders,
distributing over $700 million through dividends and share repurchases in the quarter, and $3.2 billion over the last twelve months. Throughout our firm’s 35-year history, we have weathered many difficult periods – including the global financial crisis – only to emerge stronger than before. Our experience has shown that although asset values may be temporarily marked down, strong assets ultimately recover.”Mr. Schwarzman continued, “We entered this crisis in a position of great strength, having recently completed a two-year fundraising cycle of nearly $250 billion. With ample capital reserves, long-term fund structures, and over $150 billion of dry powder capital – more than anyone in our industry – we are uniquely positioned to invest on behalf of our clients at a time of historic dislocation.”

Blackstone has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.39 per share to record holders of Class A common stock at the close of business on May 4, 2020. This dividend will be paid on May 11, 2020.

1st Quarter 2020 Altria Group paid .84/share or $8,842.07 based on 10,526.275 shares owned. Altria Group Inc. MO today announces its 2020 first-quarter business results, including strong performance from its core tobacco segments and the withdrawal of its full-year 2020 adjusted diluted earnings per share (EPS) guidance and 2020 – 2022 adjusted diluted EPS growth objective due to COVID-19 uncertainty. “The first-quarter brought out the best in Altria’s employees as we navigated the dynamic tobacco environment and the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Billy Gifford, Altria’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve approached these challenges together by focusing on the health and welfare of our employees, maintaining business continuity and supporting our communities.”

“We had an excellent start to the year, growing our first-quarter adjusted diluted EPS by 18.5%, driven by the strength of our smokeable and oral tobacco products segments. Due to the uncertainties related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our diverse business model and economic recovery scenarios, we’re withdrawing our full-year 2020 adjusted diluted EPS guidance and, as a result, we’re also withdrawing our compounded annual adjusted diluted EPS growth objective. We’re continuing to assess the COVID-19 situation and intend to reestablish guidance at the appropriate time.” “Our dividend is important to our investors and it remains a top priority for us. Our objective continues to be a dividend payout ratio target of approximately 80% of adjusted diluted EPS. For 2020, we expect to recommend a quarterly dividend rate to our Board that reflects, among other things, our strong cash generation and the strength of our balance sheet.”

Altria has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.84 per share to record holders of Class A common stock at the close of business on March 25, 2020. This dividend will be paid on April 30, 2020.

This is why Growth and Dividend stocks make good Money Sense. I will see you next quarter and report news and distribution.

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