Welcome to My 3rd Quarter 2019 Dividend Report. This Report is dedicated to tracking my quarterly dividend income. Many of you already know I love Growth and Income stocks as a great way to beat inflation while companies pay you to wait while they execute there growth plans. My Goal is to average $5,000/month or $15,000/quarter in dividend income.

3rd Quarter 2019 Dividend Income

Dividend Income by Year
Dividend Income by Year

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3rd Qtr 2019 Dividend Income
My 3rd Qtr 2019 Dividend Income

Money Sense With Kyle Quarterly Dividend Income By Year

My dividend income is devised of investments in Altria (MO) in the Tobacco Industry and Blackstone Group (BX) in the Asset Management Industry. Blackstone Group current stock price $50.95 and dividend yield 3.91 % (.48/share $1.92/year) pays a fluctuating dividend based on company results. Altria’s current stock price $46.40 and dividend yield 7.25 % (.84/share $3.36/year) pays a consistent dividend and has raised the dividend 54 times the past 50 years.

3nd Quarter 2019 Blackstone Group paid .49 / share or $2,970.97 vs .48 / share $2,880 the 2nd Quarter 2019 based on 6,063.205 shares owned. Blackstone Group Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “In the third quarter Blackstone again generated strong results for our investors, who in today's challenging environment look to our firm as a critical solutions provider. Our ability to execute on scale investment opportunities across a broad array of strategies is highly differentiated, as demonstrated by $16 billion of deployments in the quarter and a record $62 billion over the last twelve months. Our investors continue to entrust us with capital for both new and existing strategies, including nearly $150 billion of inflows during the last year – culminating in industry-record Total Assets Under Management of $554 billion, up 21% year- over-year.”

3rd Quarter 2019 Altria Group paid .84 / share or $8,672.02 based on 10,526.275 shares owned. Altria Group Inc. MO said Thursday 8/22/19 it will raise its quarterly dividend by 5%, to 84 cents a share from 80 cents. The cigarette and smokeless tobacco products seller said the new dividend will be payable Oct. 10 to shareholders of record on Sept. 16. It has now reached the 50-year dividend increase milestone, as the latest increase marks the 54th time it has raised its dividend over the past half century. The new annualized dividend rate is $3.36 per common share.

The 3rd Qtr 2019 I reinvested my dividends $8,672.02 and purchased 202.4370 shares at $42.84 stock price on 10/10/19. I now have 10,526.275 shares of Altria.

This is why Growth and Dividend stocks make good Money Sense. I will see you next quarter and report news and distribution.

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