Step 10 – Republic’s Commission and additional Resources in 2019

It's easy to get started investing at in 2019

Click on the link to get started:

The startups that raise on Republic set the terms at which they sell their securities.

Investing on Republic is free for Investors.

Unless specified otherwise in the deal terms, Republic collects from the startup 6% of the total amount raised and 2% of securities offered in a successful financing.

The 6% of the total amount raised comes out of the proceeds of the offering. Companies raising on Republic may also use the proceeds of their successful financing to pay for the escrow agent and other transaction-related fees.

To learn more about investing, please see

To learn more about crowdfunding, please see the recently adopted rules.

The SEC has issued an Investor Bulletin that is quite helpful to gaining an initial understanding.
SEC Investor Bulletin: Crowdfunding (February 16, 2016)

To view SEC filings made by Republic and companies offering securities through this site, please see the SEC EDGAR database.

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