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The startups that raise on Republic set the terms at which they sell their securities.

Funding goal

Minimum funding goal

The minimum amount the startup needs to raise. If the startup doesn’t reach the minimum funding goal before the campaign end, their campaign is considered unsuccessful, and all investments are refunded to investors.

Maximum funding goal

Maximum amount of funds the startup is willing to raise in this campaign, at these terms. When the startup reaches their maximum funding goal, they stop accepting investments.

Campaign timeline

The campaign will run for a predetermined period of time, regardless of whether or not the startup reaches its minimum or maximum funding goal at any point.


Each crowdfunding campaign has:

  • 1 A start and an end date even if the startup reaches their minimum funding goal before the deadline, the campaign will run and remain open for investments until the deadline.
  • 2 Investment cancellation deadline a deadline for canceling investments is common to all campaigns and is at the 48 hours mark prior to the campaign's end date. Past that point, your investment will be final and you won't be able to cancel or get a refund.

Investment limits

The startup sets the minimum investment size they will accept. Republic allows startups to go as low as $10, but the typical minimum investment ranges between $25–$100. The startup can also choose to limit the maximum investment amount, if they wish to allow more investors to participate.

Terms of the Crowd SAFE™

When you invest on Republic, you typically receive a Crowd SAFE — a security issued by the startup. The Crowd SAFE is not equity, it is an agreement for future equity, meaning that it can convert to equity in the future. Each company Crowd SAFE's terms are different, but they typically include two main parameters – valuation cap and discount – that determine how the specific Crowd SAFE converts to equity.
Learn how the Crowd SAFE works.

Republic Crypto deals may use a different instrument called the Token DPA.

Changing the terms during the campaign

If a company makes a material change to the deal terms or other information disclosed on the campaign page while the campaign is running, they are required to notify you and get your confirmation that you still want to invest.

You will have 5 business days to reconfirm your investment after the confirmation request has been sent to you. If you do not reconfirm within 5 business days, your investment will be cancelled, and you would have to reinvest if you still wanted to participate.

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