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It's easy to get started investing at in 2019

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Review these general guidelines for crowd investing

Please note: while Republic’s team diligently and carefully screens all startups with the goal of presenting you with the best investment opportunities, Republic does not give any investing advice or assume responsibility for your losses. It’s your responsibility to pick the companies you believe in. Please review Republics terms of service.

Invest long term

Set realistic expectations: even investments in companies that later succeed will not return your money for years, if at all. Never invest more than you’re comfortable losing.


Spread your investments across multiple companies to diversify financial risk. Remember, that diversification is not a guarantee of profit and cannot protect against losses. Diversification involves investing in many types of investments.

Do your own research

Check company’s full filing (Form C) on SEC and get second opinions
Review risk disclosures in the risks section of the startup’s campaign page
Review and participate in the discussion forum for each offering you are interested in.
All companies that list on Republic register their fundraise through SEC. You can always find more information about each company if you follow the Form C link on their campaign page, or search SEC’s EDGAR database.
Learn about the company through other public sources. The information on the deal page is submitted by startups and Republic is not responsible for factually verifying this information. Republic does not and cannot recommend or endorse any company or offering.
Pay close attention to any disclosed dealings between the company and its officers, directors, employees or founders.

Review the deal terms

Review the terms of each deal carefully, including rights associated with the offered securities. You generally will not have the same rights as other investors (including voting and information rights).
See also: understanding deal terms.

Understand your rights

As an investor in a crowdfunding offering, you likely will have less rights than other investors. For example, Crowd SAFE holders typically don’t have any information or voting rights. Your rights may vary on a company to company basis and It’s important that you review and understand them.
See also: how Crowd SAFE works.

Know that:
1 Startup investing is risky!
While some startups succeed and can bring substantial upsides to investors, most will      fail. Read about the financial risks.
2 Past performance does not predict future success
Just because a founder has had success with a prior company doesn't mean he or she      will succeed with their current startup.
3 Startups change plans constantly
And they don't need your permission to do so. Plans and forecasts are not predictions       of the future.
4 Your stake might be diluted
As a company raises money, the ownership interest of each past investor will be                diluted.

Last but not least:
Invest in companies you love
Invest in a startup because you love their mission, product or service, not just for potential profit or return.

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