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Republic strives to identify and present to you great startups, providing the best investment experience and opportunities. Republic carefully curates the startups for you from thousands of applications.

The selection and review process:

Initial screening
Due diligence
Final decision

1  Initial screening
Republic firsts look for strong positive signals using the FPTM model:
Founders — Product — Traction — Mission


Among the things Republic looks for:
dedication, diversity, location, charisma, experience, vision, track record, network, competence, long-term partner, ability to execute.


Is the idea (the problem and solution) compelling? What are the execution, quality, attention to detail, and technology like?


Has there been measurable progress, growth, and social proof (i.e. user engagement, stakeholder engagement)?


How is this startup going to make the world better?

2 Due diligence

After Republic determines the startup is a good fit following the initial review, they kick off the formal due diligence process: they look at the startup’s business in-depth and, if necessary, tap into our networks to help evaluate the following 8 factors (in no particular order):

Business model

How does the startup make or intend to make money? How much can it make?

Social impact

How big is their impact and how will they fulfill their mission?


How large or disruptive can this business be? What’s their unfair advantage over the competitors?


How is technology used to solve the problem? How unique and difficult to replicate is it?


Besides founders, does the team have the right people in the appropriate roles, experienced advisors, driven employees?

Fact checking

Is the information presented in the pitch factual? Republic verifies key contracts and important agreements.


Are the funding goals reasonable for the startup’s runway? Is the valuation cap appropriate at the startup’s current stage?


Does the startup meet the legal criteria for equity crowdfunding? Republic does a financial and legal review and run background checks on founders and officers. As well, all companies must be US based.

3 Final decision

Due diligence extends to the end of the onboarding process. That’s when Republic makes the final decision to launch the campaign, per all the checks being met.
Only then — finally — the startup goes live on Republic for your consideration.
Even after the campaign goes live, Republic continues to fact check and monitor the campaign to ensure investors are educated and protected.

How Republic knows which startups are good

Republics experience + reputable referrals.
Republics team brings experience and knowledge from AngelList – the world’s #1 platform for accredited startup investing, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch, and Zynga, among others. As a team, Republic has deep experiences in investing, online fundraising, law, business, engineering and brand and community building. Republics team have been founders and investors, builders and operators, and we get the support of our vast network of advisors, founders and investors.
Republic considers startups referred to them by sister companies, partners, and networks.

Where Republic finds startups

Because it’s Republics top priority, they spend a lot of time looking for awesome startups. Startups have come to Republic via:
Referrals from partners: sister companies, accelerators, startup hubs, etc.
Republics personal and professional networks
Online applications from Republic
Referrals from companies who have raised with Republic

Republic regularly host events and competitions for startups
Republic travels all over US to tech conferences & events.

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