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Making a List

The most important reason to make a list is organization and part of your personal financial planning. Making a list and organizing your tasks can make everything more manageable and make you feel in control. Making a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you feel organized and focused.

Just living our daily lives, we at times have an immense amount of things to accomplish. We can get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand or even created by us.

I make a list frequently to get things done. For example, I make a running grocery list for the week and record items I am out of to ensure they are replaced and in stock the next time I need them. It just takes a few moments of your time to write it down.

Writing it down and making a list reduces stress and anxiety. It gives your brain a break from the stress trying to remember all tasks.

Here’s a good example of why making a list is important:

My daughter and son in-law were going to the lake to enjoy the 4th of July with friends. They made a list of things to take or needed before they made their trip. They were busy getting things together and loading the car to leave before they said “goodbye” and left. About 30 minutes later my daughter walks in the house and I said, “Why are you back”, she said “We forgot the life jackets”. I said, “was it on the list”, she said “yes it was but we did not check the list”. The lesson learned is while it is important to make a list, you must check off the items completed to ensure nothing is missed. If they would have checked off the items on their list, they would not have forgotten the life jackets.    

In conclusion, making a list is a powerful tool, and having this tool is enough to give us the confidence to complete what needs to be done and our lives in more control. Making a list is sound Money Sense that will help you in meeting your goals in life.

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