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What's so special
Crowdfunding is not new, but until recently, “crowdfunding” in the U.S. meant buying a product or donating money. Separately, only wealthy people were allowed to invest in early stage private companies. Thanks to Republic and newly adopted laws, you can now be an angel investor in startups, no matter who you are or where you live.
The law requires that before you invest, you first understand the risks and the rules of investing. At the very least, please review the educational materials we provide and consult additional resources at your discretion.

What do I get when I invest
When you invest on Republic you receive a financial stake in the company in the form of a security. Most startups on Republic opt to use a security called the Crowd SAFE. In addition, most companies choose to give out perks as a reward for your investment.
Startup investing can be fulfilling beyond the potential monetary return. Not only are you joining founders on their exciting journey, you’re betting on a company’s future and gaining a chance to aid in their success.

How do I get a return
Startup investing is risky and there are no guarantees of a return: many startups fail, and investments are lost. But some startups will succeed, and if they get acquired or IPO at a valuation higher than the one at the time of your investment, you will earn a return.
Additionally, if the company has another financing round, it can decide to issue Shadow Shares to you, with economic rights that provide a return.

Crowdfunding-specific limitations and rules you should know about:

Limited investment amount
You can only invest up to a certain limit per rolling 12 months across all equity crowdfunding campaigns (not limited to those on Republic). Your limit is automatically calculated based on your income and net worth when you create an investor profile on Republic.

Limited transfer of securities
The securities (in most cases, the Crowd SAFEs) you get when you invest have limitations of transfer for the first year following the investment. You can only transfer (gift or sell) the securities:

• Back to the startup
• To an accredited investor
• To an immediate family member
• In these other cases (see below)

Can I sell my stake in the startup?
You’re allowed to sell your stake in a crowdfunding investment starting one year after your investment is provided to you, and earlier under some circumstances.
However, there’s no guarantee that someone will be willing to buy it at that point.

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Chandler Michelle Daffern Memorial Scholarship

Philanthropy means the love of humanity. When giving to your favorite non-profit or 501(c) (3) organization, which is tax-exempt under the internal revenue code, be sure to check with your employer if they have a Matching Gift Program where you can double the donation. For example, we lost my granddaughter at birth in 2017 due to Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, a diaphram birth defect that occurs before birth. We were traumatized. In order to help alleviate the pain of our loss, my daughter who was a student at University of Arkansas Community College Hope-Texarkana established The Chandler Michelle Daffern Memorial Scholarship giving preference to single mothers seeking a degree in the health professions field. To honor her memory, I donated $3,500. After checking online, I found my employer at the time (Firestone Building Products a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas) had a Matching Gift Program. I found the form online, filled out Part I of the form, attached a copy of my donation check and sent it the UACCH-T Executive Director. The school officer fills out Part II then sends the form electronically with a copy of the check donation to the company Trust Fund. In just a few months I doubled my donation to $7,000. Along with other donations we were able to fully endow the scholarship ($10,000) within 2 years. The scholarship will now help a single mother in the health professions field each year to ensure Chandlers legacy will live on forever. Please check with your employer their policy on Matching Gift Program before giving to your favorite organization and double the donation. You may can get a copy of your company employers Matching Gift Program form online or see your company Human Resource Manager. See a generic copy of the Matching Gift Program purpose and form below:


The Matching Gift Program of (your company and its subsidiaries) ​has been established for the purpose of providing financial assistance in cooperation with company teammates to colleges or universities throughout the country. Through the matching of gifts by your company Trust Fund, voluntary giving is effectively doubled. Support of education is an essential element in national, corporate and personal progress. The Matching Gift Program adds to the potential worth and value of the nation’s total education system. The fund will match eligible gifts on a dollar-for-dollar basis.


Full -time salaried and hourly teammates of (your company and its subsidiaries) who have at least six months continuous service. Former teammates who have retired and are eligible to receive a Normal, an Early or a Disability pension under the Company’s Retirement Plan. Former teammates who have earned a Deferred Vested Pension are not eligible.


Accredited universities and colleges, including junior and community colleges, in the United States. Gifts to independent college funds or separately organized funds, if certified as organizations that will transmit gifts to eligible universities or colleges. The college, university or fund must meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service as an organization to which deductible charitable contributions may be made. Gifts are not eligible if either the gift or matching gift constitutes payment for tuition, books, fees, dues, athletic programs (equipment, uniforms, etc.), booster clubs, church subsidies for private schools or other similar items at the recipient institution or fund, or for the benefit of any specific individual including the donor. However, athletic scholarships do qualify. Where benefits (preferred tickets to athletic events, etc.) are derived by the donor, only the deductible portion of the gift is eligible for matching purposes.


Only gifts of at least $50 made by check, charge or securities (average value on day of gift made), as distinguished from real or other forms of personal property, are eligible for matching. Pledges as such will not be matched until payment is made. Gifts made in a calendar year will be matched in that calendar year or in the first calendar half of the next calendar year if made in the last calendar quarter of the previous year. Gifts must be the personal contribution of the donor, not a gift made with funds provided in whole or in part by others or from the donor’s business account. Proof of payment must be retained by the giver for two years. Gifts of spouses are not eligible for matching.


The (Your Company Trust Fund) will match gifts on a dollar-for-dollar basis of $50 or more to an aggregate maximum of $5,000 per eligible giver, per year. Subject to these limits, a qualified giver may make as many gifts to as many eligible recipients as he or she chooses. If this gift is matched by another organization, it does not qualify


The Trust Fund’s Matching Gifts will be paid quarterly to each eligible college, university or fund. Gifts will be considered for matching if properly completed applications are received in the (Your Companies Trust Fund) office within six months from the date of the donor’s gift. Each gift must be accompanied by this complete form.

Decisions concerning any request under this program shall be final and the company reserves the right to revise or terminate this program at any time and to refuse a request to any organization. No mechanical reproductions of this form will be accepted. You must use original forms.


· TEAMMATE OR RETIREE TO COMPLETE PART I, then send this form with your gift or copy of gift (check, charge transaction or security sale) directly to the college, university or fund.

· SCHOOL OFFICER TO COMPLETE PART II, then send this form along with copy of gift (check, transaction or security sale) electronically to MATCHINGGIFTS@YOURCOMPANY.COM or remit to:





Matching Gift Program to Educational Institutions

PART I    


DATE __________

GIVERS NAME _____________________________________________

HOME ADDRESS ___________________________________________

CITY ________________________ STATE ______ ZIP ____________

PHONE ______________ EMAIL ______________________________

UID# ________________

( ) EMPLOYEE          SERVICE DATE ____________________

( ) RETIREE               RETIREMENT DATE _______________

COMPANY NAME _______________________________________________________


COMPANY LOCATION __________________________________________________


ENCLOSED WITH THIS FORM IS MY GIFT TO _________________________________________________

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION RECIPIENT _____________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________

CITY ________________________ STATE ______ ZIP ____________





CHECK               ( )         AMOUNT $ __________________________________

CHARGE            ( )         AMOUNT $ __________________________________

SECURITIES      ( )  NUMBER OF SHARES _______________ TOTAL VALUE $ ____________________


NAME OF SECURITY AND ISSUER _______________________________________________________

NONDEDUCTIBLE PORTION IF ANY $ ___________________________

I certify that the information submitted herewith is correct and I authorize the recipient college, university or affiliated organization named above to report this gift to (company name Inc.), in order to obtain a contribution under the provisions of the (company name ) Trust Fund Matching Gift Program



Matching Gift Program to Educational Institutions



I certify this contribution does not constitute a duplicate match and was received from this institution from:

NAME OF DONOR ________________________________

DATE __________

And I further certify that this organization is recognized by the U.S. Treasury Department as one to which contributions are deductible by the donor for Federal Income Tax purposes and which is not a private foundation within the meaning of section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Also, I understand that this gift and the matching gift will not constitute payment for tuition, books, fees, dues, athletic programs (i.e. equipment, uniforms, etc.) booster clubs, church subsidies for private schools or other similar items at this college, university or organization, nor is it for the benefit of any special individual.

NAME   OF AUTHORIZED OFFICIAL _____________________________________________

TITLE OF AUTHORIZED OFFICIAL ______________________________________________

NAME OF THIS INSTITUTION OR IT’S RECEIVING AGENT _____________________________________

ADDRESS ___________________________________________

CITY ________________________ STATE ______ ZIP ____________

PHONE ______________ EMAIL _____________________________




Welcome to My 2nd Quarter 2019 Dividend Report. This Report is dedicated to tracking my quarterly dividend income. Many of you already know I love Growth and Income stocks as a great way to beat inflation while companies pay you to wait while they execute there growth plans. My Goal is to average $5,000/month or $15,000/quarter in dividend income.

2nd Quarter 2019 Dividend Income

Dividend Income by Year

Behind the scenes graph data

Money Sense With Kyle Quarterly Dividend Income By Year

My dividend income is devised of investments in Altria (MO) in the Tobacco Industry and Blackstone Group (BX) in the Asset Management Industry. Blackstone Group current stock price $45.65 and dividend yield 5.0 % (.57/share $2.28/year) pays a fluctuating dividend based on company results. Altria’s current stock price $50.53 and dividend yield 6.33 % (.80/share $3.20/year) pays a consistent dividend and has raised the dividend 53 times the past 49 years.

2nd Quarter 2019 Blackstone Group paid .48 / share or $2,880 vs .58 / share $3,480 the 1st Quarter 2019 based on 6,000 shares owned. Blackstone Group announced that it has held the final close of its inaugural fundraising phase for Blackstone Infrastructure Partners (BIP).  Together with previously announced commitments, this closing brings total commitments for BIP to $14 billion. BIP is a permanent capital vehicle focused on investing across all infrastructure sectors, including transportation, energy (utilities, midstream and renewables), communications and water and waste. BIP was formed in 2017 with a $20 billion long-term matching anchor commitment from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

2nd Quarter 2019 Altria Group paid .80 / share or $8,259.07 based on 10,323.838 shares owned. With legislation signed this week in both New York and Ohio, today more than 50 percent of the U.S. population lives in states that have raised the legal age of purchase for all tobacco products to 21.

In response, Howard Willard, chairman and chief executive officer of Altria Group, Inc. said: “Now is the time to move to 21, which is by far the best way to stop the rise in underage e-vapor use and is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. Taking this step will reduce underage access to these products. It will also pave the way for e-vapor products to realize their enormous harm reduction potential for millions of adult smokers 21 and older.”

Also, Altria Group announces that it has entered into definitive agreements with the shareholders of Burger Söhne Holding AG (the “Burger Group”), based in Switzerland, to acquire 80% ownership of certain companies of the Burger Group that will commercialize on! products worldwide. on! is an oral tobacco-derived nicotine (TDN) pouch product.

This is why Growth and Dividend stocks make good Money Sense. I will see you next quarter and report news and distribution.



Altria's companies have a strong American heritage stretching back more than 180 years.

Altria's Companies

Altria Group holds diversified positions across tobacco, alcohol and cannabis. Through wholly owned subsidiaries and strategic investments in other companies, they seek to provide category-leading choices to adult consumers, while returning maximum value to shareholders through dividends and growth. 

Altria’s tobacco companies – which have been the undisputed market leaders in the U.S. tobacco industry for decades – include some of the most enduring names in American business: Philip Morris USA, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, the maker of Copenhagen and Skoal. They also own John Middleton, manufacturer of Black & Mild cigars, and Nat Sherman, a super-premium cigarette and cigar business. And they have 35 percent ownership of JUUL Labs, Inc. , the nation’s leading e-vapor company.

Altria complements its total tobacco platform with our ownership of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, a collection of distinctive wine estates, and has significant equity investment in Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer. Altria’s agreement to acquire a significant stake in Cronos Group, a leading global cannabinoid company, represents an exciting new global growth opportunity.

Altria is a FORTUNE 200 company, proud to call Richmond, Virginia home. For 20 years, Altria has been guided by their Mission & Values. Altria’s people and companies address tough industry issues, like reducing the health effects of tobacco use and preventing underage tobacco use. And focus on strengthening the communities where they live and work .

Businesses that are great over the long term – like Altria’s – must earn today's success while preparing for tomorrow's opportunities. And they are doing just that.

Why Choose Altria

  • The tobacco industry is changing – for the better. Altria is transforming the industry through innovation, harm reduction, and informed consumer choice. They are advocating with FDA regulation products that could present lower risk.
  • They are expanding choices for adult tobacco consumers through strategic partners and investments.
  • It's one of the best performing stocks of all time with a Market Cap of 93.4B +.
  • Altria has an excellent management team that continues to find ways to higher profits through higher prices, cost reductions, and strategic investments.
  • Altria has raised the dividend 53 times the past 49 years and has a current dividend yield of 6.76%. They are a dividend aristocrat with a recession-resistant dividend.
  • The 2018 Trump administrations Corporate Tax Cuts reduced Altria's corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% which freed up tons of cash to be distributed back to stockholders in the form of dividends and stock buy backs. In 2018, Altria raised the dividend twice 6.1% and 14.3% for a total of 20.4% for the year. That's awesome, but you must be a stockholder.
  • You can benefit in many ways through the years. Altria spun off Phillip Morris in 2008 but as part of a licensing agreement with Philip Morris can market and sell IQOS devices beginning in July 2019 after receiving approval from the FDA. Altria owns 10% of Anheuser-Busch InBev, 35% of JUUL e-cigarette maker, and 45% of CRONOS Group in the Cannabis Industry.

In conclusion, choose Altria Group Inc. (MO) in your portfolio because of the Growth and Dividends, strong management team, years of solid performance, strategic future investments to offset cigarette sales, and its mission and values.

Tool for Personal Financial Planning | Why it is important to make a list ? in 2019


Making a List

The most important reason to make a list is organization and part of your personal financial planning. Making a list and organizing your tasks can make everything more manageable and make you feel in control. Making a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you feel organized and focused.

Just living our daily lives, we at times have an immense amount of things to accomplish. We can get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand or even created by us.

I make a list frequently to get things done. For example, I make a running grocery list for the week and record items I am out of to ensure they are replaced and in stock the next time I need them. It just takes a few moments of your time to write it down.

Writing it down and making a list reduces stress and anxiety. It gives your brain a break from the stress trying to remember all tasks.

Here’s a good example of why making a list is important:

My daughter and son in-law were going to the lake to enjoy the 4th of July with friends. They made a list of things to take or needed before they made their trip. They were busy getting things together and loading the car to leave before they said “goodbye” and left. About 30 minutes later my daughter walks in the house and I said, “Why are you back”, she said “We forgot the life jackets”. I said, “was it on the list”, she said “yes it was but we did not check the list”. The lesson learned is while it is important to make a list, you must check off the items completed to ensure nothing is missed. If they would have checked off the items on their list, they would not have forgotten the life jackets.    

In conclusion, making a list is a powerful tool, and having this tool is enough to give us the confidence to complete what needs to be done and our lives in more control. Making a list is sound Money Sense that will help you in meeting your goals in life.

Mapping 1,000 – 1,200 Miles | Week Driving Google Maps Streetview

In November 2012 to May 2014 I had the opportunity to drive for Google Maps Street View Project. This entailed driving the Google Maps Street View car (a 2010 Subaru Impreza) equipped with (13) 360-degree cameras 8-hours a day 40 hours a week. My mapping territory was about a 200-mile radius with Texarkana, Arkansas, Texarkana, Texas as the starting point. I drove anywhere between 250 – 350 miles a day mapping all streets in every city I visited within a 200-mile radius of Texarkana. I drove approximately 50,000 to 60,000 miles in a year. I mapped all Northeast Texas from North of I-20 to McKinney, Texas to the Oklahoma line. I mapped the Northeast corner of Oklahoma across Arkansas to Benton, Arkansas. Across Benton, Arkansas to Warren, Arkansas, then South to the Louisiana line. I also mapped the Northern part of Louisiana, Shreveport/Bossier area to the Mississippi line. I can’t tell you how to get a Google Street View Driver job, because I kind of fell into the job working as a Consultant through Adecco Group Technical/Engineering Staffing. That’s who Google uses to hire drivers. It was cool job and worked with some excellent Google Engineers. They paid me to fly to Nashville, Tenneessee and drive the Google car back to Texarkana to map Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. I was provided with a Google Android phone to communicate with Google Management in Mountainview, California. I was paid on days scheduled down for maintenance and all gas and expenses were paid by Google. All I had to do was just drive and map. The hard drives used were I TB and were changed daily, then FedExed to Google for editing weekly before being uploaded to the Internet. It was a very interesting job. I got to see a lot of the country and meet a lot of interesting people. The press was always trying to get an interview since when Google is in town it raises a lot of attention. We were trained not to give away Google technology trade secrets and were limited what we could tell the press. Toward the end of my time they were sending me on special assignments and training new drivers. I did such an excellent job for Google they extended my time an additional 6 months and more money. As I look back it was a cool experience. Would I do it again. Probably not. Even though I was treated like a Rock Star the 8-hour a day driving and 60,000 miles a year gets old fast.

    To accomplish mapping 1,000 to 1,200 miles per week you must understand Googles goals. Safety, population, miles. Drive safely first, map as much population as possible each day with population being more important than miles. When mapping city streets with little or no commute, 150 – 200 miles per day is challenging. If commuting, 250 – 350 or miles is easily accomplished. You must plan your day, set daily and weekly goals and execute them to be efficient and effective. Don't be ordinary, be extraordinary. Here are my Tips:

1. Safety First – Be alert! pay attention to your surroundings, keep your distance from other vehicles, and don't be distracted.

2. Plan your Day – Check the weather. Note the weather no more than 2 hours N, S, E, and W away if working around the weather. Then drive the direction where there will be no weather issues.

3. Start of day – At sunrise start car, boot camera system, remove camera cover. While waiting for system to complete start up, check and clean windows if needed, make start day plan using start time (example 8:00 am) and stop times throughout the day so you are accountable for yourself and stay on schedule. I usually start around 7:00 am and stop around 10:00 am for break. If I stop for 30 minutes I stay on schedule. I then start up again and stop around 1:00 or 2:00 pm for lunch for 1.0 hour. I only stop the car 2 times a day and work 10 to 12 hours a day. In other words, the camera is up and running mapping except for the 2 stops for break and lunch.

4. Avoid caffeine drinks – You can have a coffee or soda or drink of your choice at the start of day but avoid drinking caffeine all day or you will lose valuable mapping time taking bathroom breaks and shutting the camera system down. It takes approximately 20 minutes to boot the system each time you shut down and 30 minutes for a new hard drive. It kills your efficiency.

5. Driving comfort – The seats in the cars are not supportive enough for driving 8 hours a day without the lower back aching. Not enough lumbar support. Use a cushion or small pillow for additional lumbar support and it will make a world of difference how you feel at the end of the day. It has enabled me to drive 10 to 12-hour days without back aches or pain. This is very important to increase you mapping miles.

6. Stay moving – Stop the car a minimal amount, preferably 2 times a day to be most efficient and keep the camera up and running.

7. Stay on schedule – Be accountable to yourself and stay on schedule. Do not waste time over staying breaks, lunch, people asking questions. Be courteous and polite but pay attention to time and stay on track. If you track your time stopping and starting all day every day, you will see where you are losing valuable mapping time and mapping miles. 

8. End of day – Shut system down, record odometer, screen shot, receipts, clean camera lenses, check supports for tightness (safety), cover camera, clean windows if needed. You are now prepared to start the next day after booting up the system the next day.   

In conclusion, my time with Google Maps Street View Team was super cool, you get noticed everywhere you go, meet a lot of interesting people, and get to see a lot of country. At the time I had this job it made Money Sense and was part of the journey and experiences I have had and can now share those experiences. I can say now I contributed to society because anywhere you go in the Arkla-Tex area and use Google Maps, I can get you where your are going because I mapped it.