Hello and welcome to my personal financial and lifestyle website I created to share my journey of establishing my financial goals, meeting my financial goals, and creating income streams to retire early, and live a comfortable lifestyle. I plan to share with readers my successes along the way in order to help others do the same.

My name is Kyle and I just retired a year ago at 59 years of age and through sound financial management through the years have created several income streams to support my retirement lifestyle and enjoy my family, be financially supportive to my family, and do the things in life I want to do.

After 36 years in the Tire and Rubber, Rubber Roofing, Aerospace and Defense, Financial Services, and Quality Consulting Industries I am officially retired with no debt. When I graduated college in 1982, I had $700 in my checking account. This is where my financial journey started and today I am retired with $1,000,000 + in My IRA account with several income streams such as growth and dividend stocks, company pension, and income from family land converted to a Loblolly Pine Tree Farm as another income stream source. I continue to invest in new potential income streams.

I created this blog to share with others my successes, journey, financial planning, budgeting, investing, and creating income streams to enjoy the American Dream of being financially independent.

I graduated from Southern Arkansas University in 1982 with a Biological Science Major and Chemistry Minor. After graduation, I began my career and financial goals journey with Cooper Tire and Rubber Company in Texarkana, Arkansas in the Tire & Rubber Industry as a Quality Systems Engineer. After 25 years, I left Cooper Tire and worked as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, Quality Consultant , Quality Manager with Amfuel, and Lapeer Industries in the Aerospace and Defense Industry, Internet Automotive Sales Consultant, Home Weatherization Director, Consultant with Google Street View Project, and SR. Process Engineer in the Rubber Roofing Industry with Firestone Building Products in Prescott, Arkansas which I retired May of 2018.

I am a 60 year old Divorced single Dad and Grandfather to daughters Jessica (26), Lindsey (24), and three grandchildren.


Welcome to My 3rd Quarter 2019 Dividend Report. This Report is dedicated to tracking my quarterly dividend income. Many of you already know I love Growth and Income stocks as a great way to beat inflation while companies pay you to wait while they execute there growth plans. My Goal is to average $5,000/month or $15,000/quarter in dividend income.

3rd Quarter 2019 Dividend Income

Dividend Income by Year
Dividend Income by Year

Behind the scenes graph data

3rd Qtr 2019 Dividend Income
My 3rd Qtr 2019 Dividend Income

Money Sense With Kyle Quarterly Dividend Income By Year

My dividend income is devised of investments in Altria (MO) in the Tobacco Industry and Blackstone Group (BX) in the Asset Management Industry. Blackstone Group current stock price $50.95 and dividend yield 3.91 % (.48/share $1.92/year) pays a fluctuating dividend based on company results. Altria’s current stock price $46.40 and dividend yield 7.25 % (.84/share $3.36/year) pays a consistent dividend and has raised the dividend 54 times the past 50 years.

3nd Quarter 2019 Blackstone Group paid .49 / share or $2,970.97 vs .48 / share $2,880 the 2nd Quarter 2019 based on 6,063.205 shares owned. Blackstone Group Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “In the third quarter Blackstone again generated strong results for our investors, who in today's challenging environment look to our firm as a critical solutions provider. Our ability to execute on scale investment opportunities across a broad array of strategies is highly differentiated, as demonstrated by $16 billion of deployments in the quarter and a record $62 billion over the last twelve months. Our investors continue to entrust us with capital for both new and existing strategies, including nearly $150 billion of inflows during the last year – culminating in industry-record Total Assets Under Management of $554 billion, up 21% year- over-year.”

3rd Quarter 2019 Altria Group paid .84 / share or $8,672.02 based on 10,526.275 shares owned. Altria Group Inc. MO said Thursday 8/22/19 it will raise its quarterly dividend by 5%, to 84 cents a share from 80 cents. The cigarette and smokeless tobacco products seller said the new dividend will be payable Oct. 10 to shareholders of record on Sept. 16. It has now reached the 50-year dividend increase milestone, as the latest increase marks the 54th time it has raised its dividend over the past half century. The new annualized dividend rate is $3.36 per common share.

The 3rd Qtr 2019 I reinvested my dividends $8,672.02 and purchased 202.4370 shares at $42.84 stock price on 10/10/19. I now have 10,526.275 shares of Altria.

This is why Growth and Dividend stocks make good Money Sense. I will see you next quarter and report news and distribution.

Q&A Interview with Tom Fanelli Founder / CEO Convesio

Tom Fanelli CEO / Founder Convesio



Robert Kyle Martin Financial Blogger www.moneysensewithkyle.com, Tom Fanelli CEO / Founder Convesio


Q&A Interview with Tom Fanelli CEO / Founder Convesio

Action Items

  1. Welcome – Robert Kyle Martin Financial Blogger www.moneysensewithkyle.com
  2. Q&A Interview questions Tom Fanelli CEO / Founder Convesio

Q&A Interview questions Convesio.

Welcome everyone. I'm Kyle Martin Financial Blogger at www.moneysensewithkyle.com. Today we have Tom Fanelli CEO / Founder of Convesio for a Q&A Interview to learn more about this startup company, What they do?, Where are they going?, How they will get there?, Obstacles along the way, and Why to invest in Convesio. Welcome Tom!

Thank you for having me.

Tom..tell us about yourself

Originally from Florida, I have been in technology, product and marketing roles over 20 years. My first real business was an agency in Southwest Florida that I started in the late 90’s. We eventually got into web design services way before there was anything like WordPress. I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area over 10 years ago to join a software startup. That startup was acquired almost a year later by a company, RealPage. Not long after the acquisition, we took that company public on the NASDAQ (RP). After 6 years, I moved on to a large corporation that owns several hosting companies and currently hosts over 4MM sites. Throughout my career I have always been close to scalable web platforms, high volume hosting, and have had a passion for agencies. This is what brought me to the place of creating Convesio.

What does your company do?

We provide a scalable, high performance platform for agencies to create and manage WordPress websites. Technology for hosting really falls into two major categories. The first being legacy shared hosting, and by that I mean everything in that world from Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud Servers. Essentially this technology has not undergone any major evolutionary leap forward. The other category is where Amazon, Google Cloud, etc are positioned. The problem with these is they are costly and require special expertise to deploy and manage. This leaves many agencies in a really hard spot. Convesio is there to fill the void with a simple to use and cutting edge solution.

Where will your company be in 5 years?

I like to refer to Flywheel who was recently acquired by WP Engine at only 6 years old. When WP Engine purchased Flywheel they disclosed they were doing $18MM in Annual Recurring Revenue. WP Engine also indicated they were approaching an IPO and valuation of approximately a billion dollars. Once WP Engine goes public my thought is the market is going to heat up substantially. I see a lot of parallels between where the WordPress market is and where RealPage’s market was when we had our IPO. If you look at the PropTech market 10 years ago, it was not nearly as developed as it is now. VC money is pouring into it and more companies are going public, this was all facilitated by RealPage breaking the glass ceiling. I think a similar thing is going to happen in the WordPress space, but even more extreme.  

How far along are you? What's your biggest obstacle?

We’ve made tremendous progress in the last year. When we started we were not even sure this idea would make it out of R&D and now we are at a stage where we have raving fans who would be really bummed if they couldn’t use Convesio anymore. That proves we are delivering on our value propositions. In many ways we have the product, experience, and traction to build on our early stage success. The challenges now are staffing and providing a great customer experience as we scale. 

Who are your competitors? Who is the biggest threat?

Clearly WP Engine is a threat, simply because they have financial means and once they go public are going to likely be motivated to solidify their position in the market. Other competitors are companies like Flywheel (recently acquired by WP Engine), Kinsta, and Pantheon.

How will you make money?

We are a subscription based SaaS platform, so our primary means is to offer monthly or annual packages for our platform. In addition, we have several other revenue streams we will bring online as we grow to diversify our revenue.

On Wefunder.com Convesio has raised $713,218 of a $200,000 – $1,000,000 goal with 376 investors. How do you plan to spend the money raised?

The bulk of our funds will be used to scale marketing, sales, and support. We do have some continued investment in product and will need to scale servers as we grow customers, but the primary focus is sales and customer experience.

How are you different from other managed WordPress providers?

Our platform is very different. This is hard to explain without getting super technical, but we have built our platform from the ground up, designed to squeeze every drop of performance out of WordPress. Most hosting providers use the same legacy technology. So in this way we are very different, more scalable, stable, and faster.

What’s Next?

Our fundraising ends in October 2019, after that my focus is going to shift to scaling revenue and customers as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality of service.

Why should we invest in Convesio and how?

Hosting is a $100B a year business globally. There are no signs the growth in WordPress will slow down anytime soon. Over 75MM sites use WordPress and it’s the dominant choice by designers and agencies building websites. This is a rare opportunity to invest in a platform akin to Amazon Web Services but for WordPress. We have a very different approach the competitors in this space and our team is made up of seasoned experts. I’m confident this market is going to see significant growth during the next 10 years. Investing is easy, just visit our profile on WeFunder and you can start investing for as little as $100. Here's the Link: https://www.wefunder.com/convesio

Thank you Tom for sharing with us this exciting technology to create and manage WordPress websites. Audience, you now have the inside scoop on Convesio straight from Tom Fanelli the CEO / Founder of Convesio. Hosting sites can be costly and require expertise to deploy and manage. Convesio is there to fill the void with a simple to use and cutting edge solution. If you are interested in investing in this startup company the current campaign is at this Link: https://wefunder.com/convesio

Any questions contact Tom at Tom@convesio.com or use the Leave a comment on my website www.moneysensewithkyle.com That’s all for today. Thank you and we’ll see you in retirement.

Step 10 – Republic’s Commission and additional Resources in 2019

It's easy to get started investing at republic.co in 2019

Click on the link to get started:

The startups that raise on Republic set the terms at which they sell their securities.

Investing on Republic is free for Investors.

Unless specified otherwise in the deal terms, Republic collects from the startup 6% of the total amount raised and 2% of securities offered in a successful financing.

The 6% of the total amount raised comes out of the proceeds of the offering. Companies raising on Republic may also use the proceeds of their successful financing to pay for the escrow agent and other transaction-related fees.

To learn more about investing, please see https://www.sba.gov/starting-business/finance-your-business/venture-capital/venture-capital

To learn more about crowdfunding, please see the recently adopted rules.

The SEC has issued an Investor Bulletin that is quite helpful to gaining an initial understanding.
SEC Investor Bulletin: Crowdfunding (February 16, 2016)

To view SEC filings made by Republic and companies offering securities through this site, please see the SEC EDGAR database.

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Step 9 – Selling Restrictions | Can I sell securities acquired on Republic? in 2019

It's easy to get started investing at republic.co in 2019

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The startups that raise on Republic set the terms at which they sell their securities.

Because the startup company issuing the securities is private, you cannot sell your securities on the public market, making it potentially difficult to find a buyer.

In fact, you are restricted from reselling your securities in the first 12 months post closing of the offering, unless the shares are transferred:

  • to the company that issued the securities
  • to an accredited investor
  • to a nuclear family member: a child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or spousal equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships.
  • in connection with your death, divorce, or other similar circumstance
  • to a trust controlled by you or a trust created for the benefit of a family member (defined as a child, sibling or parent of you or your spouse) or
  • as part of a later offering registered with the SEC.

Any transfer during this period is still subject to state and foreign laws.

You should know that there may be no market for the securities after the initial 12 month restricted period. Once the 12 month restricted period ends, any sale or disposition of the securities you hold must comply with applicable federal, state and foreign laws.

It is important that you only invest capital with the expectation of holding your investment for an indefinite period of time, and with the real risk of a total loss of your investment in mind. Only invest an amount you can afford to lose without changing your lifestyle.

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Additional resources

Step 8 – Disclosure Requirements in 2019

It's easy to get started investing at republic.co in 2019

Click on the link to get started:

The startups that raise on Republic set the terms at which they sell their securities.

Companies fundraising on Republic must disclose a limited amount of information to you, including:

a. general information about the company,
b. its officers and directors,
c. a description of the business,
d. the planned use for the money raised from the offering, often called the use of                    proceeds,
e. the funding goal,
f. the deadline for the offering, related-party transactions,
g. risks specific to the company or its business, and
h. financial information about the company.

You should use this information to determine whether a particular investment is appropriate for you.

The type of financial information disclosed as well as verification of finances varies based on whether the company has raised via crowdfunding in the past, as well as the amount being raised.

$107,000 or less – financial statements and certain specific line items from income tax returns are required, both of which are certified by the principal executive officer of the company.

$107,000.01 to $535,000 – financial statements are reviewed by an independent public accountant and the accountant’s review report is provided as well as certification by the principal executive officer of the company. A review is some level of scrutiny of the financials by a CPA.

$535,000.01 to $1.07 million – if first time crowdfunding, then financial statements reviewed by an independent public accountant and the accountant’s review report if available are disclosed: otherwise financial statements audited by an independent public accountant and the accountant’s audit report must be prepared and disclosed. An audit provides a higher level of scrutiny by the accountant than a review as well as some verification by the accountant.

Each offering has a discussion forum where you should ask any questions you have and review those asked by other investors. These channels can be useful both before and after making an investment.

Once an offering has closed, the company will provide updates on the results of its operations and financial statements through its website on an annual basis. These updates are likely to be less regular and robust than those provided by public companies to their shareholders. Republic likely will not retain any relationship with the company. Republic does not make the Company’s post-closing disclosure available to you through its website.

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Q&A Interview | Sama Jashnani Co-founder/CEO DownToDash



Robert Kyle Martin Financial Blogger https://www.moneysensewithkyle.com, Sama Jashnani Co-founder/ CEO DownToDash

Action Items

  1. Welcome – Robert Kyle Martin Financial Blogger www.moneysensewithkyle.com
  2. Q&A Interview questions Sama Jashnani Co-founder/CEO DownToDash

Q&A Interview questions DownToDash

 Welcome everyone – I’m Kyle Martin Financial Blogger @ www.moneysensewithkyle.com. Today we have Sama Jashnani Co-founder / CEO DownToDash for a Q&A Interview to learn more about this startup company, What they do?, Where are they going?, How they will get there?, Obstacles along the way, and Why to invest in DownToDash. 

KyleWelcome Sama!

CEO / Founder Convesio

Sama – Thank you so much for having me, I really appreciate it. 

Kyle – Sama..tell us about yourself


I am an entrepreneur, connector, speaker and I also love dancing, trekking, adventure, food and just meeting new interesting people. I co-founded a social enterprise and e-commerce platform and worked at a global marketing agency. I also got a full scholarship to study Marketing and Strategy at Warwick Business School.  

Kyle – What does your company do? 


DownToDash is an app to make quality activity buddies. It connects people in the same location based on what they are down to do, whether it is workouts, sports, movies or other activities. Users can post specific plans, for example, play Tennis on Thursday at 5 pm at McCarren Park and other users can join. We will also add closed networks within the app for students and employees. For example an employee can verify his account through a delloitte.com email address and connect with employees only. Our focus will always be on the security of our users and finding a high-quality activity buddy. We will use Artificial intelligence and our algorithm to match people based on their skill level and ensure that they are a good match for the experience. 

Kyle – That’s some cool technology. Where will your company be in 5 years?


We project to be at 3.5 million users and $ 13.83 million in revenue in 5 years, using a conservative approach. We want to be the one-stop shop for meeting people all over the world. You can discover experiences, book the experience and your means of transportation through one app. We will also incentivize users to socialize by adding group discounts for experiences. We believe we have a strong exit potential and strategy (WeWork recently acquired MeetUp for $200 Million).

Kyle – Outstanding. How far along are you? What's your biggest obstacle?


We have 5286 users, 3913 monthly active users and 60,000+ successful plans created on the app. We created an internship program that was selected to be in the Top 100 Internship programs in the US by CNBC. Make it and want to scale this ambassador base. Also, we were recently featured on Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Season 3. Our biggest obstacle is the inability to scale quickly without sufficient funding.

Kyle – Ok great. Who are your competitors? Who is the biggest threat?


The most similar existing platform is Meetup but Meetup operates only for groups and has no age filter. Bumble Bff and Vina are friend-focused but are only for female friendships. They are not focused on specific plans (example Tennis on Thursday at 5 pm). Moreover, Bumble is also a dating app. Our focus on activities and specific plans is our unique selling point.